How to Become a Volunteer in Healthcare

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Question: Please advise, who could join as a volunteer, what are the requirements? How can I find out which hospital has openings for a volunteer opportunity? What about language skills, can I volunteer while I am still learning English?

Short Answer:

  • Qualifications and Requirements. Only those that qualify can become a volunteer. You will need to pass a background check, drug test, personal interviews, etc. Please read the details
  • Volunteering openings. The only way to find out is to call the Volunteering Services and speak with Volunteer Coordinator/Manager to find out what type of openings are available. A typical hospital may have up to 200-300 volunteer positions, during holiday and summer time there could be quite a few openings.
  • Poor English skills. It is not a show-stopper. However, you must be able to pass an interview process. So minimal English skills might be required.

Extended Answer:

How to Get Started Volunteering in Healthcare 

  • Set a goal
    1. Figure out why you want to volunteer
    2. How much time can you dedicate?
    3. Which skills do you need to learn to get a job
  • Complete On-line form
    1. Use Google Maps to find the top three largest facilities near your home
    2. Complete on-line New Volunteer Application Form
    3. Download Volunteer Handbook if it available, read it

Actions to take to Complete Volunteer Application Process

  • Complete Application Process
    1. Arrange for reference letters
    2. Meet for face to face with Manager of Volunteer Services
    3. Pass medical tests: drug screen, tuberculosis test
    4. Pass Background check
    5. Meet Immunization requirements
    6. Provide an annual physical form
  • Get Trained and On-Boarded
    1. Get a placement
    2. Review, discuss and sign
      • Volunteer Agreement
      • Code of Conduct Agreement
      • Confidentiality Agreement
      • Job Position Description
    3. Buy volunteer uniform
    4. Obtain photo ID Badge, computer access
    5. Attend volunteer orientation
    6. Study Safety Orientation Handbook & pass Safety test
    7. Complete on-the-job training
    8. Communicate any upcoming vacations, agree on the schedule
    9. Learn how to report your volunteer hours

Samples of Volunteering Tasks in Healthcare:

  • transport patients
  • clerical duties
  • give directions or escort visitors
  • cashier
  • inventory
  • answer telephone
  • deliver flowers
  • socialize with patients and visitors
  • change linens
  • restock closets
  • cleaning

Credit: Johnson Memorial Health

Good luck in your career endeavors and remember, to act to apply your new knowledge

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